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What You Can Expect from a Hay Ride

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The Whats and Whys of Hay Rides

Perhaps you’re organizing a birthday celebration for your child and you’re looking for ways to spice up the party. Or maybe you’re planning a fun weekend with your kids and you’re searching for new activities that they can enjoy. Either way, you should consider booking a Hay Ride with Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay! Learn more about this fun and well-loved activity by reading further on.

The History of Hay Rides

Hay rides started out as a celebratory autumn activity. During fall, loaded hay wagons were transported to the barn where they could be unloaded, and farmhands as well as children who worked in farms would take this opportunity to climb and ride the wagons. This gave them the chance to rest after the long, hard days that the haying season brought about, allowing them to enjoy a few minutes of well-earned relaxation and comfort. The development of railroads allowed city-dwelling families to spend their vacations in the countryside. Many of these urban folks had an idealized view of hay rides, and local farmers capitalized on this demand by offering hay rides using wagons that were loaded with hay.

Why Everyone Should Experience a Hay Ride

1. Take part in a beloved tradition

As mentioned above, hay rides have been a part of the farming experience for centuries. By going on one of these rides, you’ll experience how farm children used to spend their free time, get a glimpse into the past and relive a piece of history even just for a few minutes.

2. Enjoy breathtaking views

Many hay rides nowadays are designed to take you through various parts of the farm or ranch that feature beautiful scenery. As a result, you and your kids will get to see eye-catching views that will captivate your imagination and help you relax and unwind.

3. Check out unexplored areas

Here at Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay, our hay ride is designed to take our guests through certain areas of the ranch that aren’t accessible on foot. So, by going on our hay ride, you’ll get to have a “behind the scenes” experience on how we run and manage the farm and explore beautiful parts of the farm that you won’t be able to see otherwise.

Scheduling a Hay Ride

Since hay rides used to be a part of autumn harvest celebrations, a lot of farms and ranches nowadays offer their hay rides only during the Fall. In fact, many of them schedule their rides during Halloween and dub them as “haunted hay rides”. This is all well and good, but what if you want to go on a hay ride during spring or summer? Well, the good news is that you can easily do so here at Lemos Farm! Our hay rides are always popular with kids — both locals and visitors — so we offer them all year round. Simply get unlimited day passes for everyone in your group to enjoy our hay rides as well as our other kids party rides. Learn more about the attractions and activities that we offer by contacting us today!

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Many farms and ranches now only host hay rides in the fall, as they were once an integral element space bar clicker of harvest festivals.


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