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Lemos Farm

Since 1942

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About Us

Located in Half Moon Bay, Lemos Farm is a working farm and themed family destination home to the bay area's best pony rides, train rides, hay rides, petting zoo, bounce houses, Goat Yoga and more


Lemos Farm is also the perfect place to host a kid's birthday party or Goat Yoga private event. We have hosted thousands of birthday parties, private events, and corporate experiences. Plan yours today!

Agriculturally, Lemos Farm produces Christmas Trees, Pumpkins, Corn, and Hay. The Farm also raises and cares for livestock including goats, sheep, chickens, and bunnies. The real farm work is done all year long right here at Lemos Farm. We see "agritourism" to be an exciting opportunity for the general public to experience and understand what farm life is like by interacting directly with animals and various farm themed activities during their visit.

From unlimited day passes, to birthday parties, goat yoga, and field trips, we’ve got fun for everyone!

Mission Statement

“To inspire, entertain, and cultivate family through unique, fun experiences.”

Expect year round fun at Lemos Farm. Our farm continuously transforms to fit each season, but our most exciting time on the farm is during October. We host an amazing Pumpkin Patch in the Fall each year that brings out thousands of families. We have a live band, halloween themed festivities, and lots of pumpkins.

Hand Lead Pony Ride
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About Us

Farm History

Get to know the Lemos Family

Lemos Farm has been around since 1942, but is far different today than when Frank Lemos first moved here from San Francisco. The story goes something like this... Back in the 40’s, a gentleman owed Lemos money, but not having any he gave him a cow instead. That cow had a calf, so Frank decided to buy a few more. This led to him buying some land for the cows, and that friends, is how Lemos Farm was born.


During the ‘60s, the ranch was rented as horse property and in 1979 Arnold Lemos and his son Bob Lemos began planting Christmas Trees. When 1980 hit, the Lemos family decided to get into the Pumpkin Patch business. To stand out, Arnold and Bob brought in ponies and a haunted house. Many other fun attractions have been added to the farm since then. Today, the farm is ran by the Lemos Family and welcomes guests all year-round.

The Painted Horse

Ol’ Paint is our family’s horse statue out front Lemos Farm greeting all who travel the 92 with a welcoming gesture as they drive into Half Moon Bay. We originally started painting him just three different themes - Halloween, Christmas and a year-round theme from January to August, but for the last 15 years Ol’ Paint has changed his theme on a monthly basis to reflect a different holiday or season.


In total, Ol’ Paint has been painted over 230 times to bring joy to all who journey through our little town. He’s a sight for sore eyes that’s loved by many. So the next time you’re driving down the 92, don’t forget to flash a smile at good Ol’ Paint.

Photo Gallery

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Goat Yoga class 1
Hand Lead Pony Ride
The Train Ride
The Car Barn
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The Lemos Farm
Goat Yoga
Birthday Parties
Barn Jumpers
Lemos Farm Open Year-Round
The Train Station
The Mama Kitty
Joe's Picnic Area
Goat Yoga
Haunted House
The Pumpkin Patch
Hay Ride Station
Hay Rides
Mommy and Me Yoga
Train Ride
Spring Themed Fun
Petting Zoo
The Three Amigoats
Summer Time!
Pony Rides
Milton, Arnold, Sunny, Frank & sons 1943
Lemos Farm 1942
Photo Gallery
Our Animals

At Lemos Farm, we raise and take care of all types of animals. You can meet them all when you visit us here on the farm. You'll see ponies, goats, sheep, chickens, bunnies, ducks, and horses. And there's more... Lemos Farm is planning to expand their home to even more animals soon. Check back here for more updates soon!

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Animal Care
Feeding and Care

Here on the farm our animals are well taken care of. All our animal friends are fed on a schedule according to their specific needs, typically this means twice a day. Animal specialists are also on staff 24/7 and the Lemos family looks after them every day.

Work Schedule

Lemos Farm is a fun place to be a pony, goat, or sheep. All our animals work about 2 days a week, and enjoy the peaceful sanctitude of the farm on days off. During October, they work on rotations allowing them proper time for rest and relaxation. 


Each animal is thoroughly examined by local veterinarians on a routine basis. They have all necessary shots, vaccines, and health check-ups. In addition, each herd is considered to be an "isolated closed herd," meaning they do not come into contact with any other animals. This is imperative to keep all our animals and guests safe.


The goats, sheep and other petting zoo friends have 3 different large housing areas on the farm. Our horses and ponies have many different corrals and shelters, including pastures the size of our parking lots. 

Body Language

We love our animals and are always listening to them. Ponies, as an example, have a creative manner in which they communicate how they are feeling. When a pony's body language is relaxed, that means they are happy and content. An unhappy pony is nervous and can't stand still. When ponies communicate with us, we listen. They let us know when they aren't having a good day. Typically, our ponies love to give pony rides to kids! When we greet them in the mornings, they run to the gate happy to saddle up and go to work.

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