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Pony Rides

70lb weight limit

Giddy Up!

At Lemos Farm, children can experience the joy of riding a pony. We offer two different pony rides, hand led and circle ring, all year long. During the Sept/Oct. season, we transition to using only our circle ring for general admission riders. For a complete list of ride rules, explore our link. We like to think that true happiness is found when riding a pony at Lemos Farm.

Train Rides

Choo Choo!

Come join us on an adventure through time and travel to the fun town of cowboy country. At Lemos Farm, families can hop on a train ride that takes you on a unique, quaint, and peaceful ride through our small western town. On the train, each member of the family is encouraged to let their imagination run free while they see what life was like back during the cowboy days. So grab an ice-cream cone, some popcorn, and a soda because it’s time to enjoy a train ride at Lemos Farm.


Petting Zoo

Baa Baa! Oink!

Baby goats, pigs, sheep, and bunnies all for you to pet at the same time… what on earth could be more exciting!? A food cup is $1, but the fun had is priceless. The Petting Zoo is also included in the unlimited pass. Come see what’s new at our family petting zoo; you might even witness a baby goat being born the day your family comes to visit.

Pony Rides
Train Rides
Petting Zoo

"Children have a full time occupation. It's called play!"

-Vince Gowmon


Hay Rides

Climb Aboard!

Take an adventure on the largest hay truck on the coast side! The Lemos Farm hayride journeys through the unseen parts of the ranch not accessible on foot. It’s a scenery rich endeavor that last 10 minutes. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss out on! The hayride runs year-round and is great for the whole family.

Car Barn

Vroom Vroom!

The Car Barn is the newest addition to our family farm. Make sure you bring your camera to capture the magic had on this innovative and fun ride. It can very well be the best place your youngin' can learn to drive. For the duration of the ride, children are assigned their own vehicle to drive our circuit course. Come see for yourself the hottest ride everyone is raving about. But, be prepared, your child might ask to drive home! For a complete list of Car Barn Rules, refer to the link here.

The Car Barn
The Barn Slide

Farm Slide

Are you ready to play?

Slide down our giant inflatable jumpy slide. Located on the right hand side as you first walk in, the farm slide provides the ultimate combination of fun and adventure for your little buckaroos. 

Hay Rides
The Car Barn
Barn Slide

“Play is the highest form of research.”

-Albert Einstein


Haunted House

(open year-round)

We dare you to visit the haunted house!

Our haunted house features two versions: Scary and Non-Scary. For the younger audience we encourage a journey through the non-scary, while the older siblings should elect to confront their deepest fears in the scary version. There’s genuine fun to be had back at the newly updated haunted house and we've been told it’s the scariest one around. It’s guaranteed to scare the yell out of you!

Dig Zone Tractor

Caution Ahead!

Experience the power of a hydraulic digging machine. Amazingly, it’s only the second of its kind in existence. The Lemos Farm Dig Zone empowers the smallest of children to wield a mighty excavator into action with just a touch of a button. Kids love to take charge, command the claw, and use their imagination to an unlimited potential of fun. This attraction is not included in the admission pass.


Check out the creator’s site for more info:

Barn Jumpers

Barn Jumpers

Let 'em loose!

Now included in both the Gold and Silver kids passes, the barn jumpers are the perfect activity for the little ones to let loose and play. And after a hard day of bouncing, families can enjoy lunch at the barn Deli right next door. Happy Bouncing!

Haunted House
Dig Zone Tractor
Coin Ops
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