Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we bring our own food?
A. Yes.

2. Can we purchase food at the Farm?
A. Yes, we have lunch and snack items, sweet treats, and beverages.

3. What age is considered an adult?
A. Someone 70 pounds and up is considered an adult.
4. Are babies free?
A. 14 months and under is free.

5. Do we have to wear a mask?
A. Every guest will be asked to bring and wear a mask while at the farm.


6. Do the party areas have BBQs?
A. Yes.

7. Can we decorate our party area?
A. Yes.

8. Are there outlets in the party areas?
A. In all areas except the Zoo Area.

9. Can you refrigerate our cake?
A. Yes.

10. Can we hang a piñata?
A. In all areas except the Zoo Area.