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Four Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Hosting Your Next Corporate Retreat

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

No idea where to host your next corporate retreat? One of the biggest challenges you might be facing, whether you own the company or you're the head of HR, is where to hold your next corporate retreat. There are so many ideas you can find on the Internet, but most of these are just gimmicks and might not really bring out the best in your employees. In this article, we give you a list of places where you can bring your hardworking employees and staff for some well-deserved rest and recuperation.

1. Farm attractions

It's easy to organize a corporate activity if the venue already makes up most of the fun. If you head over to farm attractions in Half Moon Bay, you'll have plenty of choices for group activities that will surely delight your team. This will be something they haven't experienced, but it'll be memorable and definitely different. Included in our farm attractions, we have pony rides, car and train rides, a fun petting zoo, and even a cool haunted house that will bring out the screams and shouts of your employees—in a fun way!

2. Animal farms

Instead of keeping things exclusive, have the corporate retreat be a family-centered activity by inviting the family members of your employees. Head over to our fun animal farm in Half Moon Bay, which showcases interactive petting zoos that will surely be unforgettable, especially for kids. Bring the families over so they can enjoy our petting zoo with adorable and swoon-worthy baby goats, pigs, sheep, and even bunny rabbits. What could be more exciting than bonding with our beloved farm animals?

3. Picnic area

Take advantage of wide spaces and a beautiful local park where your company employees can enjoy the sun, play fun team-building activities, and unwind and destress from work demands. You can even hire an ice cream truck for unlimited treats for everyone or carnival booths so your employees can indulge in fun challenges and games and win awesome prizes.

4. Outdoor lunch area

One of the best pieces of advice our boss gave us is that everybody can bond over good food and conversation. It's so easy to reestablish camaraderie and synergy in your team simply by serving them a lunch feast at a picnic table and letting the conversations flow. Whether there are 500 employees in your company or just an intimate group of 20, your corporate retreat will be a simple and strategic one if you host a lunch party. Conclude your event with a meaningful seminar about stress management and how to handle mental exhaustion. Invite a capable speaker who can coach your team to be more motivated and energized for the year to come.

Here’s the bottom line…

There's no need to break a sweat when it comes to planning and organizing your next corporate retreat. You can have spontaneous but fun moments in your company activities if you find places that have heart, warmth, and passion as we do. Get in touch with us at Lemos Farm, and let's talk about how you and your team can enjoy our facilities!

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