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Looking for Pony Rides Near Half Moon Bay? This Blog Is for You!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Parents nowadays have a myriad of options to choose from when they want to enjoy a bonding activity with their kids. One of the best choices is pony riding in Half Moon Bay, which is a fun and enriching activity that many children love. The best thing about pony rides is that they’re not just about excitement but also about educating. They also help kids learn how to interact properly with ponies and other animals and provide opportunities to learn more about animal welfare. For some children, pony rides can ignite an interest in horse care and horseback riding, both of which teach discipline, compassion, and other important life lessons. Fortunately, booking a pony ride isn't that difficult if you live in Half Moon Bay or are vacationing in the city. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of some of the best kids' pony rides at Half Moon Bay below:

1. Lemos Farm

While people come to Lemos Farm for our hay rides, petting zoo, goat yoga, and amazing parties, they're not the only things we offer! We also provide the opportunity to take part in one of our pony rides, which is a huge hit among kids and their parents. Throughout the year, we offer hand-led pony rides as well as rides within our circle ring. However, only the latter is used during the September-to-October season for general admission riders. Both rides are available only with our Gold Kid's Pass, so make sure to purchase one for each child if you're primarily visiting for our mobile pony rides at Half Moon Bay. Don't worry; the Gold Kid's Pass also offers unlimited access to other attractions. This includes hay rides, train rides, a barn slide, a petting zoo, a haunted house, a car barn ride, and more, so it's definitely worth the price!

2. Lazy "H" Ranch

The ranch is primarily known for its horse camps and individual riding lessons, which teach kids how to catch, groom, tackle their horse, and master various exercises, including trotting and cantering. However, they also host birthday parties that focus on introducing the kids to pony riding. Kids aged 2 to 6 years old are taught how to groom and saddle ponies and will enjoy led rides in the area. Older children aged 7 to 14 also learn about grooming and saddling but are given the chance to ride ponies independently after receiving experts' instructions.

3. Maloney's Horses and Ponies

Maloneys' Horses and Ponies provides horseback riding lesson programs, camp programs, and schooling horse shows. They teach the English riding style, which focuses on horse and rider safety as well as efficient balance development, and provide lessons on grooming, tacking, and preparing horses for riding. The facility has a 160' by 80' front area for flat work and gymnastic jumping, along with a 200' by 90' back area for jumping exercises. They also take riders through a seven-mile trail that offers a beautiful ocean-front view and plenty of fresh air. Make sure to check out these places if you’d like to book a pony ride at Half Moon Bay for your kids! If you’ve decided to spend a day at Lemos Farm, purchase your farm admission passes online today so you can focus on enjoying your visit. You can also book a birthday package through our website if you’d like to have your child’s birthday party on our farm. Feel free to call our team or email us if you have questions or need more information!

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If you're looking to treat your kids to a memorable experience in Half Moon Bay, pony rides offer not just fun but valuable lessons in animal interaction and care. Whether at Lemos Farm, Lazy "H" Ranch, or Maloney's Horses and Ponies, these activities foster a love for animals while teaching important life skills like compassion and responsibility. It's a great way for families to bond and for kids to explore their interest in horseback riding.


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Older children aged 7 to 14 also learn about grooming and saddling but are given the chance to ride ponies independently after receiving experts' instructions. geometry dash lite

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