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The Lemos Farm Car Barn

The car barn is the newest addition to our list of fun attractions here at Lemos Farm. At the Lemos Farm car barn, your child will have the opportunity to actually drive a vehicle of their own! This activity is not only super fun, but a safe way for your kids to have the experience of driving a vehicle for themselves. Come down and check it out – and make sure to bring your camera, because you’re going to want some pictures of your child behind the wheel!

Welcome to the Car Barn

Do you remember being a kid and wishing you could drive the family car instead of just sitting in the back? The Lemos Farm car barn is a place where kids can get the chance to sit in the driver’s seat and control a miniature vehicle on their own. Of course, all rides happen under the supervision of an adult, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Just sit back and watch your child experience the joy of being in control of their own little car!

All the rides happen on a carefully designed track lined with hay bales, surrounded by beautifully painted walls. Each turn lasts for five minutes, so your child will have plenty of time to enjoy the magic of this fun and innovative attraction.

The car barn is only for riders weighing 70 lbs. or less, so unfortunately this one is just for the kids! The $20 Silver Kid’s Pass and the $25 Gold Kid’s Pass both include unlimited access to the car barn.

Lemos Farm is open on the weekends from 10am-5pm. We’re closed Monday through Wednesday. Come on down to 12320 San Mateo Rd in Half Moon Bay, CA and have fun with us at the Lemos Farm car barn!

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Wow, thanks for sharing your recommendation! Visiting the Lemos Farm Car Barn sounds like a dream for any car enthusiast. And coupling that experience with browsing through salvage cars like the Nissan Maxima on adds an extra layer of excitement. It's great to have resources like AutoBidMaster to explore a wide range of options for car enthusiasts, whether they're looking for a project car or just admiring the craftsmanship. Can't wait to check out both the farm and the website myself!


Norman Lester
Norman Lester
Oct 13, 2023

I think I overestimated that a hunting vehicle could sit in a barn for a long time without harm. And when I finally decided to use it, I discovered that the machine had deteriorated due to long periods of inactivity. Also, a long time ago I read post where it was said how to ruin a hunting car and it turns out that not only idle time can ruin the car! This taught me an important lesson about the need for regular maintenance of hunting equipment. Now I always check and maintain my equipment in working order to avoid similar troubles in the future.

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