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Goat Yoga: An Experience Unlike Any Other

Updated: Jul 26

Goats. They produce healthy milk and delicious cheese. They can also bring a ton of fun and enjoyment to your life, and that includes our special goat yoga classes at the farm. If you've never visited our facilities before, you are probably wondering what goats have to do with yoga, and the answer is as simple as it is heartwarming. Yoga is all about alignment and feeling good, and nothing can make you feel better than a little goat cuddling up to you during a relaxation pose, of climbing onto your back as you enjoy the sense of well-being that practicing yoga can produce. Let's just say that it is the icing on the cake of what may very well be one of the most relaxing and fun-filled experiences you will ever enjoy.

But, why is goat yoga so enjoyable? Regardless of whether you are an experienced yogi or this is your first time, goat yoga is designed to produce a sense of well-being and the alignment of your body and your mind. It can help soothe anxiety and release negative emotions. Additionally, goats, like many other animals, have the ability to connect to humans in a unique and marvelous way. By mixing both things you are able to achieve a more focused release while you share in the antics of the goats as they nibble on your clothes or jump around as you take your class.

After your class is over you can continue to spend even more time with our goats in a petting experience unlike any you have ever lived. This is why, whether you are looking for a different way to practice yoga or just really enjoy being around goats, you are cordially invited to give our fun-filled goat yoga classes at Lemos Farm a try by signing up at

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