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The Haunted House at Lemos Farm

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Haunted houses aren’t just for Halloween – especially not at Lemos Farm, where our haunted house attraction is open all year long. With options for both older and younger children (and adults too!), we’ve got the perfect spooky experience for everyone!

We Dare You to Try It!

The Lemos Farm haunted house comes in two different versions: Scary and Non-Scary. For your older children, the Scary version is a terrifying delight designed to confront visitors with their deepest fears. Think you can handle it? We dare you to try! Adults are also welcome, and we’ll do our best to scare the yell out of you! People tell us our haunted house is the scariest one they’ve ever visited, so come on in and see for yourself – if you dare!

Don’t Be Scared, Little Ones!

For your younger children, we recommend the Non-Scary version of the Lemos Farm haunted house. This version is a fun experience without anything that might upset a smaller child. The Non-Scary version gives your little ones the chance to have some fun with the idea of a haunted house without actually getting scared. Don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with any meltdowns here. When they see how much fun their older siblings had in the Scary version, they’ll look forward to getting big enough to see what the full experience is like!

The haunted house is available to all our visitors, so you get unlimited access with the $10 Unlimited Adult Pass, the $20 Silver Kid’s Pass, or the $25 Gold Kid’s Pass. Lemos Farm is open on the weekends from 10am-5pm. We’re closed Monday through Wednesday. Come on down to 12320 San Mateo Rd in Half Moon Bay, CA and have fun with us at the Lemos Farm haunted house!

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